"In America you don't feel what you do. You are in the eye of a hurricane that you create. Pain and suffering and injustice all over the world, and all you see is blue skies."
                                              -- From Innocent Blood: A Novel

The Sleeper, the sequel, will be published in September 2004.

(Listen to the Talk of the Nation segment about the novel, or read the Barnes and Noble interview, both from that summer of 97.)

New York Times review of "Innocent Blood"
Barnes and Noble link to Innocent Blood paperback
Amazon.com link to Innocent Blood paperback

French bookseller FNAC online (Even if your French isn't great it is easy to navigate because it looks essentially like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Just put "Dickey" in the search box, and you get various editions of Deliverance in French, as well as To the White Sea [La Bas au Nord], and Un Sang Innocent [Innocent Blood].

 Un Sang Innocent on Livresse.com

The French version, Un Sang Innocent, is now available in the popular Livre de Poche series

More Innocent Blood abroad:

The translation Sangue Innocente made headlines in Italy in the summer of 2001. The translation is by Alberto Pezzota, who also did James Dickey's "To the White Sea" as Oceano Bianco. A review/interview in Il Nuovo, and, after 9/11, in La Stampa, Secolo XIX, in Le Pillule, and in Stradanove.

 Sangue Innocente, is available from Meridiano Zero.